Ice-skating in the Black Forest

ice rink
Photo: Ice rink Baiersbronn

Information in brief

There are many small lakes and ponds all over the Black Forest which are used for ice-skating in winter – as long as there are long periods of severe frost. However, it is possible that certain bodies of water cannot be used throughout the entire winter.

It is almost impossible to make a prediction, the surfaces are cleared for skating after inspection by the authorities. "Unofficial" skating is definitely not recommended!

Ice rinks can be used all winter long, of course. You will find several here.

Ice-rinks in the Black Forest

Ice rinks in the Black Forest:

  1. Pforzheim - ice sports centre Enzauenpark
  2. Bad Liebenzell - ice stadium Polarion
  3. Bühlertal - open-air ice rink Wiedenfelsen
  4. Baiersbronn - ice rink
  5. Offenburg - ice rink Messe Offenburg
  6. Triberg - natural ice rink at the Bergsee
  7. St. Georgen - natural ice rink at the Klosterweiher
  8. Villingen-Schwenningen - ice rink stadium, home of the Schwenninger Wildwings in the 2. German ice hockey league
  9. Donaueschingen - ice pond Schlosspark
  10. Titisee-Neustadt - ice pond and Hermeshof natural ice rink
  11. Herrischried - ice rink