Ski-lifts in the Black Forest

Photo: Ski-lift in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest cannot measure up to the Alps, of course, something which affects alpine skiing and snowboarding. However, there are several local ski-lifts and also contiguous skiing areas with pistes of all levels of difficulty up to World Cup downhill.

In the first instance, the ski slopes along the Schwarzwaldhochstraße (Black Forest High Road) between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt in the northern Black Forest are attractive. There are more possibilities for Alpine ski sport in the southern Black Forest, because the mountains are simply higher.

Ski-lifts in the Black Forest

Map of skiing areas in the Black Forest

Links to the websites of lift operators, with the latest information on the snow situation, piste condition, opening times and prices (all sites in German).

  1. Ski-lifts Kaltenbronn between Gernsbach and Bad Wildbad
  2. Skiing centre Enzklösterle Hirschkopflifte
  3. Along the Black Forest High Road
  4. Ski-lift Stokinger in Freudenstadt-Lauterbad
  5. Ski-lifts Schonach, Schönwald, St. Georgen and Furtwangen
  6. Ski-lifts at Kandel Mountain and Rohrhardsberg, Ski-lifta Thurner and Breitnau
  7. Ski-lifts Feldberg
  8. Skiing area Münstertal- Wieden
  9. Skiing area Belchen Mountain
  10. Skilifte in Todtnau und Umgebung sowie das Alpine Skiing stadium Todtnauberg

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