Black Forest Map

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Map: Location of the Black Forest in Germany

Information in brief


Roughly speaking, the Black Forest forms an elongated rectangle between Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Basle and Lake Constance. The Black Forest borders on France in the west and Switzerland in the south. The towns and villages and tourist attractions in the Black Forest can be quickly reached by car via the two autobahns running east and west of the Black Forest, the A5 (Rhine Valley Autobahn, Karlsruhe - Basle) and A81 (Lake Constance Autobahn, Stuttgart - Singen).

Black Forest Map
Map: Black Forest

The main railway lines run almost in parallel to these autobahns. There are some railway lines which cross the Black Forest, e.g. the Murg Valley Railway, Kinzig Valley Railway, Black Forest Railway and the Höllental Railway, as well as several branch lines.

Geographic data

The Black Forest has a length of approx. 160 km in a north-south direction and a width of approx. 60 km in the south and somewhat less in the north.

Karlsruhe is on the 49th parallel, Freiburg on the 48th and Basle at approx. 47° 30' N. The east/west limits of the Black Forest are between approx. 7° 40' and 8° 45' E.