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Barefoot parks in the Black Forest

barefoot trail
Photo: Barefoot trail, here with gravel and bark mulch

Information in brief


The barefoot park is a relatively new idea; the first barefoot park in the Black Forest was opened in Dornstetten-Hallwangen as recently as 1999. The basic philosophy is that walking barefoot over a wide variety of surfaces makes people more aware of their natural surroundings. The hydrotherapy principles developed by Father Sebastian Kneipp also play a role. But above all, it’s fun for all the family!

Barefoot parks in the Black Forest
Place Description
Dornstetten- Hallwangen The visitors experience different terrains and challenges for improving balance and toe grip over a 2.5 km route or a shorter route for beginners. The water playground is a particular attraction for the children.
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Offenburg- Zell-Weierbach The trail is approx. 1 km long with materials from the forest, such as bark, wood chips, mulch and sawdust, followed by grape stems, grape pulp, hay, straw, peat, sand, gravel and crushed stone. In between there are two muddy tracks, pools, a fountain and a rest area where you can stop and have a picnic.
Gutach The barefoot trail which runs partly through the forest and meadows and is provided with different materials forms the backbone of the Park mit allen Sinnen (Park with all senses). There are scent, sound, colour and touching stations, meditation caves and rest areas along these paths.
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Todtnau- Muggenbrunn Materials such as fir cones and twigs, wood, bark mulch, different types of sand and gravel and mud can be felt over the trail which is almost 600 m long. Kneipp footbath therapy in the fresh mountain stream is also on the agenda.