The Ortenau Wine Route (Ortenauer Weinpfad)

wine route
Photo: The trail sign of the Ortenau Wine Route - red diamond with grape

Information in brief


The Ortenauer Weinpfad leads through the Ortenau winegrowing area at the foot of the northern Black Forest. The place names along the route are enough to make the wine connoisseur's mouth water. A hiking tour through the vineyards and orchards offers all other hiking enthusiasts many interesting insights into this cultivated landscape and views of the Rhine Valley and the Voges Mountains.

Schnaps fountain
Photo: It's probably not the right refreshment for a hiker, but you can try one at the Schnaps Fountain in Sasbachwalden

The Ortenauer Weinpfad can be completed in six to eight stages. You will find accommodation along the route via the links below.