Wildlife parks and zoos in the Black Forest

feeding goats
Photo: Feeding the goats in the wildlife park Gaugenwald

Information in brief


  1. Zoo in Karlsruhe - big zoo with animals from all over the world
  2. Pforzheim Wildlife Park
  3. The wildlife park Gaugenwald near Neuweiler is a small park, especially suited for families with children.
  4. In the wildlife park Waldmössingen near Schramberg has mostly animals from the Black Foret.
  5. The Black Forest Zoo in Waldkirch shows bears, Lynx and many other animals, and a petting zoo.
Wildlife parks and zoos in the Black Forest
Map: Wildlife parks and zoos in the Black Forest
  1. The Mundenhof Wildlife Park near Freiburg
  2. The Steinwasen park in Oberried is a leisure park mit many attractions, in the associated wildlife park more than 20 species can be seen.
  3. The Tatzmania Löffingen is a zoo and leisure park, many animals can be watched, as well as some presentations, e.g. the feeding of the wolves or the falconry.
  4. In the Wildlife Park Waldshut a lot of animals can be watched, it also provides a big playground, barbecue place, an kiosk.
  5. The Steinen Bird Park