Churches and monasteries in the Black Forest

Monastery St. Trutpert
Photo: Monastery St. Trutpert in Münstertal

Information in brief


From the 10th century, the foundation of monasteries was the nucleus of many settlements in the Black Forest. This is clearly shown today by several place names such as St. Peter and St. Märgen. Some monasteries, such as the Monastery of Hirsau, which was a prominent reform monastery, also gained national importance for a time.

List of churches and monasteries

Map: Churches and monasteries in the Black Forest
  1. Monastery Maulbronn (link to official Website)
  2. Monastery Hirsau near Calw
  3. Church in Freudenstadt
  4. Monastery and Minster in Alpirsbach
  5. Monastery St. Peter
  6. Minster St. Märgen
  7. Freiburg Minster
  8. Monastery St. Trudpert in Münstertal
  9. Dome and monastery St. Blasien