Lake Titisee in the Black Forest

Landing stage
Photo: Landing stage for rental and pleasure boats

Information in brief


The Titisee was formed during the last ice age. Just 10,000 years ago, a glacier extended from the Feldberg to the present-day lake. The basins gouged out by the glacier and the terminal moraine now form the basin of Lake Titisee. The lake is 850 m above sea level, 2 km long, just under 1 km wide and approx. 40 m deep.

The Titisee is one of the most popular destinations in the Black Forest and is ideal for swimming, sailing, windsurfing, pedal boating and strolling along the promenade.

Ice-bound Lake Titisee
Photo: View of the ice-bound Titisee in wintertime, the black dots are walkers and skaters
Swimming in Lake Titisee
Photo: Swimming in Lake Titisee