Lake Mummelsee in the Black Forest

Lake Mummelsee
Photo: Lake Mummelsee, in the background the cirque face of the Hornisgrinde

Information in brief


Lake Mummelsee is located directly on the Black Forest High Road at 1032 m above sea level. It is one of the few cirque lakes in the Black Forest remaining from the ice age.

The more than 100 m high cirque face of the Hornisgrinde, at 1164 m the highest mountain of the Northern Black Forest, rears up behind it. Incidentally, climbing it is well worthwhile: The lookout tower on the Hornisgrinde was re-opened in May 2005 and offers a magnificent view. The ascent and descent take approx. 1 hour. If you also wish to walk along the Grindenpfad path on the Hornisgrinde, you should allow for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. A bus runs from Lake Mummelsee to the Hornisgrinde Tower at the weekends from May to October.

Berghotel Mummelsee
Photo: Berghotel Mummelsee

As a result of its unusual location and the primeval vegetation which surrounds it, many tales and legends featuring water nymphs and an underwater king grew up around Lake Mummelsee.

Nowadays Lake Mummelsee is an extremely popular destination for tourists to take a stroll around the lake, ride in a pedalo or have coffee on the terrace.