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Schuttig procession in Elzach (Bild 3 von 22)

Schuttig procession in Elzach
The Schuttig fools of Elzach are probably one of the quaintest but certainly one of the oldest carnival characters in the Black Forest and in all of South Germany. The grand Schuttig processions take place at 3.00 pm on Fasnetssonntag (Carnival Sunday) and Fasnetsdienstag (Shrove Tuesday). The torchlight procession of the Schuttig fools also takes place on the Sunday at 8.00 pm, when the dance of the Devil Schuttig can be seen. The spectators must watch out, because the Schuttig fools like to play tricks, especially with their Saublodere (inflated pigs' bladders) and their Schuttigscheren (expanding tongs).

Last update: 24 February 2023

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