Wolfach in the Black Forest

Black Forest map
Map: Location Wolfach in the Black Forest

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Wolfach is located in the Central Black Forest at the confluence of the Wolf and Kinzig. The district of Kirnbach is one the three home villages of the Black Forest Bollenhut, a traditional ladies' hat topped with pom-poms.

Wolfach has been by-passed by a tunnel since 1993. As a result, the town centre was relieved of traffic and is now a popular meeting place with street cafés, shops and restaurants. The Fürstenberg castle with the rafting and local history museum can also be found in the middle of the town.

The Dorotheenhütte glass blowing workshop is the last active glassworks using traditional methods in the Black Forest. The glasses are manufactured, i.e. they are blown, cut and engraved, in front of the visitors. You even have the chance to have a go yourself.

Wolfach town hall
Photo: Town hall Wolfach
Wolfach town centre
Photo: Wolfach
Glassblower at work
Photo: Glassblower at work