Zell am Harmersbach in the Black Forest

Black Forest map
Map: Zell am Harmersbach in the Black Forest

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The Harmersbach valley is a side valley of the Kinzig Valley in the Central Black Forest. Zell and its districts are located at the mouth of the valley. In addition to the beautiful Black Forest countryside, there are many things to see in the town which bear witness to the culture and history of the region, amongst others, the Storchenturm (stork tower) museum, Heimatmuseum Fürstenberger Hof (Fürstenberger Farm Museum) and the Villa Haiss, museum for contemporary art.

Zell am Harmersbach was once a free imperial city and has retained a great deal from its past, and so well-preserved medieval buildings and the remains of the former town fortifications can still be seen to this day.

Photo: The Storchenturm, the town's landmark, a very interesting museum of local history is located here
Photo: Unterharmersbach
Harmersbach valley
Photo: Harmersbach valley