Black Forest National Park

Black Forest National Park
Photo: Black Forest National Park sign near the information center at the Ruhestein

Information in brief


The national park in the Black Forest is the first national park in Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. This area lies in the northern part of the Black Forest between the Black Forest High Road and the Murg valley. It consists of two separate parts, the area in Ruhestein (district of Baiersbronn) and Hohen Ochsenkopf/Plättig which is near Baden-Baden.

As of January 2014 nothing has changed regarding this proposed development, however it is planned to develop offers for visitors to this unspoilt beauty spot. Officially from January 2014 the national park administration should take effect but it will be a while before a concrete concept is forthcoming. Especially interesting for tourists would be the establishment of a visitor's center offering suggestions for tours on foot or by bicycle as well as a travel concept for environmentally friendly travel etc.

Of course the national park priority is to look after the nature and its species. When the touristic concept exists it will become a top tourist attraction in the Black Forest. A taste of how it might look again in the national park, there is the protected forest 'Wild Lake' which now belongs to the National Park. This forest reserve was established over 100 years ago, since that time this area has looked after itself.

For further developments regarding the national park please refer to this page.

protected forest
Photo: Protected forest near the 'Wild Lake'