Balzer Herrgott

Balzer Herrgott
Photo: Balzer Herrgott

Information in brief


Many tales and legends surround the 'Balzer Herrgott', but in all likelihood, it is part of the cross of the Königenhof farm in the Wagner valley. When the farm was completely destroyed by an avalanche in 1844, the arms and legs were broken off the figure. The torso was then carried to the present-day location and fixed to the beech tree around 1900. Year in, year out, the growing tree covered more and more of the figure.

beech tree
Photo: The big beech tree

There would probably be nothing to see of the Balzer Herrgott today if the figure had not been partly exposed in 1986. Incidentally, this only took place after a long and intense discussion, since many people thought that nature should be allowed to take its course.