Where to Find and How to Play Nintendo DS Games Now  

A reliable emulator and ROMs represent the ideal tandem that can pave the way for you to get into the fascinating world of retrogaming. Today’s comprehensive guide will discuss the subtleties of classic gaming, help you choose stable DS emulators and find the best NDS ROMs for your collection of old-school games.

What’s Special about the Nintendo DS? 

The Nintendo DS video game console, or simply NDS, arrived late in 2004 in Japan. Later, in 2005, Nintendo fans from North America and Europe got the opportunity to try out the new handheld. Unlike its predecessor, the ill-fated GameCube, the Nintendo DS was a long-awaited, high quality product that managed to meet and needs of the fast-evolving video game market. The double LCD screen enabled users to use the entirely new input system and offered completely new perspectives on the on-screen action. The handheld also boasted backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance titles and allowed users to interact with each other over Wi-Fi. And, most importantly, the NDS had an impressive library of new titles that distinguished it from the competitors. It all granted the NDS the second place among the best-selling handheld video game consoles of all time behind the PlayStation 2.  

Over the Nintendo DS’s almost decade-long lifespan, Nintendo have released several redesigns of their DS, which also were quite successful. The first one was the lighter Nintendo DS Lite console with most saturated colors. Another redesign, the Nintendo DSi, came out in 2008 and impressed players with its advanced features and improved software. 

Best NDS Games

Nintendo took great care to add exceptionally fun and unique titles to the collection NDS games. Nowadays you can play virtually any NDS using the emulator. All you need is to download your favorite title in the form of the ROM file and load it using the dedicated software. But we’ll talk about it later. And now it’s time to recall the games that made the NDS so popular. 

Tetris DS

Every single game console has a version of Tetris to play. And the Nintendo DS is no exception. While you’re playing Tetris on the bottom touch screen, the top screen will feature many iconic Nintendo characters like Mario, Samus, Balloon Fighter, Duck Hunt dog, Excitebike, and many others. But playing on the modern device with the help of an NDS emulator is no inferior to playing on the physical console! 

Though the core Tetris game remains the same, the fact that you know that every time the rows of tetrominoes get cleared, well, Mario start moving faster in the top screen makes you feel more excited and eager to play more. But there’s much more to this game. And you may play it now once you get the proper ROM game from Roms-download.com, the website whose collection of DS ROMs can impress even the most sophisticated of the classic gamers.

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Beating the gym leaders in Johto is a fun thing. But as you finish with them, you get to go back to Kanto, the first region from Gen 1, which is obviously why Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is the greatest Pokémon game of all time. Take a stroll down memory lane: revisit all of the previous cities from Pokémon Red and Blue and discover how they have changed over the years.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto on a Nintendo Platform… This is something you won’t hear often. And the truth is right now there’s only one GTA game that can be played on Nintendo, and it’s GTA: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS. This title ditched the 3D game world environment of games like GTA: Vice City and instead went back to the classic top-down perspective of the first GTA installment. That being said, the story, dialogues, and missions are much more similar to newer GTA games, being super original. So, grab the GTA ROM and start building your own empire!

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Are you a fan of the Zelda series and into sea voyages? Then, the Phantom Hourglass is exactly what you need!  As soon as you enter the ship or land on an island, the game switches to the classic top-down perspective of older Zelda games. Move around to attack enemies and make use of classic items like the boomerang to progress through the game.

Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 DS was the biggest Nintendo DS lounge title and it truly is epic. Not only is it a remake of Mario 64 featuring amazing graphics, more visually-appealing character models, and brand new stars, but it’s also a re-imagined version of its predecessor. Not only do you play as Mario this time around, but also get to play as Loogie, Yoshi, and Wario. 

The fans of the Mario series will also appreciate such games as Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Party DS, and Yoshi’s Island. Note that all of these NDS ROMs can be downloaded from abandonware website such as Romshub and Roms-download.com. 

Platforms that Support Nintendo DS ROMs

Now you’ve get the ROMs and planning on downloading a nice emulator to play them on your PC or portable device. So, you need to know which emulation tool is compatible with the OS your device is running. To make the right choice, familiarize yourself with the list of Nintendo DS emulators and the platforms they are compatible with. 


Mac OS




Hope our guide will help you find the best emulation software and get the most out of your gaming experience!