How to choose sneakers for running?

Many professional runners know that the result directly depends on the shoes, which is used for running. Properly selected sneakers help avoid foot injuries, fatigue limbs and other problems.

At the same time, the market for such goods presents such a large selection that the eyes involuntarily scatter.

[H2] How to choose sneakers for running? [/ h2]

What to pay attention to when choosing

[H2] So, when buying running shoes, pay attention to a number of factors: [/ h2]

Application area. For training seals, shoes are chosen that protects the athlete from injury. For the competition, the rate is on the result. Such sneakers do not be removed from injury, but at the same time allow the best time to show.

Depreciation. In order not to experience discomfort during the run, preference gives shoes with good depreciation characteristics. The sole of such sneakers is made mainly of foam rubber and has air inserts.

Operational characteristics. The sole of the shoes should be resistant to abrasion. Most modern models fully comply with these characteristics. In particular, it can be said about ADIDAS Marathon Flyknit sneakers (Adidas Marathon).

Weight. Running sneakers should be as easy as possible. The maximum permissible weight is 400 grams.

Material. Sneakers for running should pass the air well. Such shoes is made from textiles and has mesh inserts. The skin for the production of such sneakers is not used.

Insoles. It is important that they are not glued, and easily shot. Such products need periodic drying, and sometimes washing. Also, insoles can be replaced with orthopedic.

Type of coating. For asphalt, treadmill, rubber coating Choose shoes with a soft smooth sole. For a soft surface - preference is given to models with a more rigid sole. For exercise in bad weather, shoes with a high tread, which will help avoid slipping.

Running sneakers should be soft in front. It provides maximum comfort during running. You should also pay attention to the lacing. It should be placed asmetry.

With a large mass of the novice runner and weak muscles, models are selected with high amortization characteristics and good foot fixing. Such shoes contributes to a uniform distribution of the mass and relieves injury.

[H2] time of year [/ h2]

Speaking about how to choose running sneakers, it should be borne in mind that running is engaged not only in the warm season, but also in winter, as well as in bad weather. When choosing this factor must be considered.

So, for summer, it takes light breathable shoes. Such sneakers are made from textiles. They are ventilated in them. It should be borne in mind that the shoes can get wet.

Winter sneakers are made of more dense materials that are well kept warm and do not get ground. At the same time, you need to understand that the shoes for winter can not be well ventilated, even if the manufacturer assures. https://azbigmedia.com/business/aerospace/firefly-owner-max-polyakov-shares-thoughts-on-space-debris-issue/