Humor tenderness oxytocin: what does he do with the body?

Tenderness and pleasant feeling spreads inside when you kiss and hug a loved one or weching a pet. This is the result of an oxytocin hormone emission, which is released in the brain. As a neurotransmitter, oxytocin acts directly in the brain, as a hormone, it is distributed through the body with blood flow.
Oxytocin plays a central role in the formation of interpersonal relations. No wonder he is also called hormone relations: he strengthens confidence in the partner in personal and business relations. But oxytocin in communications of the mother and the child has the most important function: the active ingredient supports childbirth and ensures the appearance of milk. Oxytocin is responsible for the close relationship between mother and child.
Another feature is a struggle with stress. The hormone regulates blood pressure and level of cortisol. The overproduction of cortisol can lead to health problems. Oxytocin counteracts this and relaxes.
What makes oxytocin in the body?
Oxytocyne-caused positive feelings are short-lived: the half-life of oxytocin is from 4 to 10 minutes. That is, within a few minutes, the initial number of hormones decreases half. Thus, the pleasant effect weakens relatively quickly.
According to research, chronic oxytocin deficiency may be the cause of overweight. The hormone plays an important role in burning fat and, along with other messengers, guarantees rapid saturation while eating. Therefore, researchers suggest that oxytocin can help lose weight.
Advantages and disadvantages of oxytocin
Oxytocin is not necessity associated with a sense of comfort. The positive properties of the hormone should be considered:
- Reducing stress
- Activation of the Remuneration System
- Strengthening empathy and confidence
- Support of childbirth and breastfeeding
- strengthening the relationship of mother and child
- Support for fertility in a man.
There is also a negative side of oxytocin: studies have shown that the high level of oxytocin can contribute to the feeling of rivalry, as the result of the defender instinct.
How to increase oxytocin levels?
It is produced as a result of pleasant feelings. Want to feel better, overcome your brain. Here is a list of things that will lead to an increase in oxytocin level:
- Hugs
- sex
- Stroking animals
- tasty food
- pleasant music
- Warm conversation with a close man
- Heart gifts
- Compliments
- Procedures: Bath, Sauna, Massage.
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