Children's active games

It is difficult to evaluate the meaning of children's games for the development of the psyche of the child. Games for a child are not an easy waste of time, but a vital necessity. In various games, the motor activity of the child, the development of coordination, adaptation to the environment, the world around him are improved.

In games, children imitate all kinds of life situations of various difficulties, sometimes even stressful. Playing, the child acquires an invaluable skill of overcoming these difficulties, and correctly consider children's games with elements of imagination and a step to overcome difficulties in real life, as well as related to labor activity.

There are several types of games, depending on the age of the child. Functional games are characteristic of the younger age. There are elements of the movement of fingers, limbs, reproduction of noise, sounds, pushing something. These games are aimed at attracting attention and the development of coordination.

Children of 2-3 years old are characterized by games with imaginary objects, such as playing a horse, dolls, etc. Children of 4-5 years old most often prefer cognitive games. Here the child is full of attention, he tries to understand everything, remember the order. It happens that it fascinates him so that he does not pay attention to the environment, absorbed in the world of images and the situation of the game.

Creative games, characteristic of children 5 -6 years old, have the goal of building something, creating. The child combines objects, remakes them with the aim of using in a new quality. A sexual difference is already beginning to appear here. Boys prefer games to the war, also with various toy equipment.

Girls are characterized by the games soft, calm. To teach a child to play is not so difficult. With children and a half to two years, you can already play a small performance with toys. They usually look at first, then gradually repeat. From the age of two, small scenes from cartoons and books that you liked and were remembered by the child are of interest.

Gradually, the scenes must be complicated, opening the new plot turns. Starting from 5 years, you can already let your child play the situation yourself or lose emotionally complex moments. The latter will help relieve the child's stress.

Parents can gently direct the baby’s thoughts, participating in games with him, buying toys, choosing books, films and cartoons for viewing. After all, how diverse the material for games in the baby will be diverse will depend on the inner world of the child and his adult path. https://etfbrokers.top/in/ireland