Brief Guide to Playing Nintendo DS Classics on PCs and Mobile Devices 

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Time flies. It seems like it was yesterday that we played games on the Nintendo DS console. The new device lured so many Nintendo fans with the visually appealing, futuristic design and a number of distinctive features no other handheld of that time could boast. Now we have lots of modern games to play on a variety of cutting-edge devices. But there is something missing in those state-of-the-art games that catch our eye but not our soul. In the Digital Age, we continue looking for that primordial fun and genuine emotions only retro games could give us. That’s why so many people choose to download Nintendo DS emulators, software that allows playing vintage console titles on third-party systems, and NDS ROMs, computer files containing the original data copied from NDS original games. These tools enable hordes of Nintendo fans, thirsty for quality vintage handheld games, to re-experience the happy moments. Now let’s recall what made the video gaming console in question so special and popular. 

Some History 

There’s no conceivable way that a product that initially looked like a half-baked extraterrestrial device would do the impossible and sell over 150 million copies. The dual LCD screen made it possible to play the new type of games, whereas the backward compatibility with the Game Boy Advance enabled players to enjoy the previously published titles. Nintendo used the Soccer games as an example for dual screen gaming in their press release, describing how one screen can show the main gameplay, while the other (touch screen) could display a specific player’s tackle or goal. The idea behind two screens was a bit odd at first. And Nintendo had to prove their worth. And they really nailed it with such games as Metroid Prime Hunters, Super Mario 64, WarioWare, Mario kart DS, and lots of other games that have earned the NDS the reputation of the second best-selling handheld of all time. 

Needless to say, the Nintendo DS game library was truly vast. And now you can play your favorite NDS games on a Windows, Android, Mac, or Linux device.  All you need to do is visit the Freeromsdownload.com website, select the NDS ROM containing the game you want to play on the emulator, and download it onto your computer. 

The Best NDS Games 

If you haven’t decided on the game to download yet, our list of the best DS games will help you make the right choice. Dive into the fascinating world of DS retro titles right now. 

#1 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future 

One of the last NDS titles that captivated players with its riddles, puzzles, and stylish cutscenes. We’re also giving the nod to the Unwound Future for its neat time travel story, unexpected plot twists, and the fact that it has a giant robot (it’s always a plus).  

#2 Elite Beat Agents

A rhythm game that was one of the best examples of what Nintendo’s seventh-gen console could do compared to other handhelds at that time. Elite Beat Agents was a touch screen rhythm-based game in which stylish ‘Men in Black’-inspired agents solved world conflicts by moving to the music. This fun ROM is definitely worth grabbing!

#3 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies 

All fans of quality RPG games and the Dragon Quest franchise in particular will appreciate the ninth installment in its series. The first portable iteration takes all of the strengths of the games that came before and delivers a masterpiece. The world is visually-appealing and full of treasures, and on-screen encounters. You’re entrusted with a noble mission of saving the world tree destroyed by the cataclysmic event, as well as the rest of Celestia. 

#4 Radiant Historia 

Another travelling RPG that deserves a spot on our list is Radiant Historia. The grid-based battle system allows for copious amounts of strategy as well. This time the story follows Stocke, the brave warrior who strives to save the decaying world by changing history itself. The onus is on you to assist Stocke in completing such a noble quest. 

#5 Mario Kart DS 

Mario Kart DS was the first Mario Kart to have online way back in 2005. The drifting was just perfect, and controls were so fluid and responsive that lots of Mario Kart fans found themselves spending days and night glued to their device. And you can re-experience this wild fun now! There are dozens of missions to tackle and the VS. and Battle modes are devastatingly customizable. What’s more, Mario Kart is still the best single-player focused game. So, if you want to express yourself in the game, it can be your best bet. 

Note that you can get any of the above listed Nintendo DS ROMs, as well as the games released on other Nintendo consoles, from Freeromsdownload.com. 

NDS Emulators 

You won’t be able to enjoy your favorite games unless you choose a stable and reliable emulator. Most emulation tools that enable you to play NDS games on modern machines are free. But there are some advanced versions that may require you to fork out to get the best experience possible.  

Among the best Windows ND emulators are No$GBA, DeSmuMe, and IDeaS, with the last being the less powerful yet a stable option. The same tools can be used to play Nintendo DS ROMs on the Linux OS. Those of you who are using Mac, may benefit from DeSmuMe, GBE , and the V432R emulator. As for Android users, they can make good use of Drastic DS, EmuBox, and nds4droid. 

Enjoy your game!