Babysitter resume

At one time, babysitting was simply a hobby or part-time job. However, now babysitting services are in great demand, this job has become a real profession, which requires basic training, experience, and a desirable pedagogical or medical education. But in addition to work experience and appropriate education, personal qualities also play a big role in getting this job. Among important qualities are responsibility and communication because the child is the most valuable treasure of parents that is entrusted to the babysitter. The main duty of a nanny is to take care not only of the child but also of the household in general. But, of course, the health and development of the baby come first!

Finding the right nanny is a challenge for every parent, as everyone wants to hire a qualified, experienced, and reliable person to confidently leave their child in their care. Parents pay great attention to the candidate's resume, reading every word and preparing questions for the interview. Therefore, it is worth trying to create an image of a very reliable and experienced professional on your babysitter resume

Show knowledge 

A woman who takes care of a child must necessarily have an education directly related to her job: medical or pedagogical. A nanny must know and apply all modern methods related to childcare. Naturally, the babysitter must be able to provide first aid in emergency situations. Nanny's duties also include preparing a child to go to kindergarten and school.

On your resume indicate university and college degrees, certificates of language proficiency, as well as the completion of any other additional courses. Do not forget to specify certificates of online courses, because in today's world they are also accepted by employers.

Show Skills

The immediate duties of a nanny include: preparing food for the child, feeding according to the schedule, massages, bathing, walks outdoors, and much more. In a separate column, list all your skills and abilities, such as cooking, teaching drawing, professional cleaning, etc. 

Create a beautiful design

If you want work with children successfully you need to interest them while to get a job as a nanny you need to interest the parents. To do this, create a striking and memorable design for your document. Look for a good template online and customize it to fit your nanny requirements. You'll end up getting more feedback from recruiters and interesting responses from parents.

Take a reference

It's important for parents to know that they can trust you to raise their child. To be more persuasive, get a letter of recommendation from your previous employers. Let them write what a good person and professional you are that you never let down colleagues and that you can be trusted with tasks of any complexity.

You can attach the letter as a separate file to your application, or you can just leave the person's contact information in your resume. In this case, the chances that the recruiter will call your referral is much higher, so be sure that the person will be able to give you a really good recommendation.

In conclusion, do not underestimate such a document as a resume. It is your business card, which plays a crucial role in the selection process for the nanny position. Try to take a few days, if not a whole week, to write your resume. This way you will protect yourself from a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies, as well as from stress and bad results.