Mostbet odds archive

Betting odds reflect the balance of power in the event, and also highlight the favorites and outsiders of the confrontation. When choosing an outcome for a bet, bettors analyze not only the results of face-to-face meetings, the current form, tournament motivation, but also the quotes movement chart. The archive of betting odds can help them with this, which allows you to study the line and line of the bookmaker in the past.

What is betting odds archive

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The bookmaker's quote history is a betting tool that collects data on events that have taken place. Its use allows the bettor to analyze past matches based on the movement of the betting line. After the received indicators, the player can better study the upcoming event, as well as find many patterns in the performances of the teams.

For example, which teams play on Under(2.5) more often and how much could be earned by betting on this outcome throughout the season. This will be useful when applying a certain strategy, such as the catch-up method.

Many bettors bet on the victory of the favorite without collected information about the changes in the odds. Often this leads to errors, since quotes may not accurately reflect the balance of power for the match. For example, because of the large bets of professional players.

For what purpose is it necessary

Archives of betting quotes are used in the following cases:

View the odds offered by the bookmaker for games that have already ended. With this information, you can track the graph of changes and understand in which direction the line is moving. Then you can follow it or vice versa, bet on the opposite odds.

Search for cargo before the start of the match. So in betting, situations are called when the cash flows of players are directed towards a certain outcome. This can happen both naturally (a lot of bets on the favorite before the start of the match) and unexpectedly (in the event of a player injury, after the publication of analyst insiders).
Strategy test. The analysis of old betting shop listings will give the player the necessary information to apply betting techniques. This will help to analyze the payback in advance and not lose money when using the scheme.
Market patency calculation. According to the required indicators, the bettor analyzes past matches and evaluates the chances of winning.